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Browse through the various videos.  There's everything here from artsy little clips to comedy shorts to rinky-dink projects and pieces to fashion shows and events.  More work will soon be posted.



an erotic body paint art film

Ricardo returns to body art with a sexy story he calls FALLING. Bright paints, colorful leaves and Afro-Latino beats playfully help the story unfold along the body of the beautiful, but nude anonymous model. Music is called Salsafrican Remix courtesy of DJ Jose Marquez. Copyright 2017. All rights reserved. Ricardo Muniz/Coquichulo Images.


Highlights of our favorite looks from the CHULO Underwear NYFW SS 2018 Fundraiser and Fashion Show, A NEW DAY, held on Sep. 13 at The Ritz. Filmed on a closed set on Oct 3 at the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance. Video footage courtesy of BAAD and Coquichulo Images. Models Vic Banker and Devon Graves. @CHULOunderwear on IG, FB and Twitter. Special thanks to Mike Lyons, BMG/Silver, NY Institute of Beauty, Chayenne @c6makeup, Lugz Boots and Footwear, and Fashion Week Online.

2018 CHULO Charity Calendar

The 2018 CHULO underwear Charity Calendar is now available online at and at BAAD! Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance and at Rainbow Station.

El Maestro with CHULO & Lugz

CHULO Underwear reached out to the Lugz boot and shoe company to sponsor their FW 2017 NYFW show and fundraiser which included the donation of Lugz boots to young marginalized men including several young boxers at the El Maestro Boxing Club and Cultural Center (El Maestro, Inc.) in the Bronx founded by Ponce and Petey Laspina. This short video tells the story of a how one small community program can have a huge impact on its young people. Video by Coquichulo Images. All footage and sound are from live tapings on location at El Maestro. Want to help El Maestro? Reach out to Ponce on Facebook @elmaestrobx.

CHULO Underwear Puerto Rican Pride 2017 

This video montage of clips, body painting and both magazine and live event photographs celebrates Latino pride just in time for the Puerto Rican Day Parade. Video by Coquichulo Images. Most photography by Ricardo Muniz. Music by Toto La Momposina, El Pescador remix by Jose Marquez. Models include Sean Xavier, James Magee, Joseph Santiago, Freddy Santos, Laith Ashley, Michael Dean, Sean Alexander, Jesus Papoleto Melendez, Nathalie Ramos, Deon Whitter, Brxfitlyfe, Mishael Rodriguez, Frankie Bougher, Luis Olivo, Mitch Matos, Cesar Gomez, Noel Polanco, Joel Feliciano, Carlos Vici, David Scorpio Martinez, Carlos Sotelo, Kenden Helm, and Lobo Zuzin

CHULO Underwear at Rainbow Fashion Week

CHULO Underwear features its repurposed tees and tanks with original art paying homage to Taino culture and its latest underwear and jogger designs for the Urban Knights: Recycling and Repurposing opening night fashion segment for Rainbow Fashion Week, Caelum Gallery, Monday, June 20, 2016. Special thanks to Ginni, Britni, Mike Lyons, Albert Pena. Models include Michael Dean, Sean Alexander and Jawann Macbeth. Big thanks to Silver Models for Michael and Sean.


CHULO Underwear at Staten Island PrideFest

CHULO Underwear, the brand that gives back to and reinvests in marginalized communities, travels to PrideFest SI for this special show celebrating the voices of all those who have been silenced for too long--whether based on gender, sexuality, color, creed or culture. Big thanks to PrideFest SI members, Paul Sanders, Marcy Carr, Tym Moss; big hugs to the models, Eldred Davies, Yen Yong Kong, Joel Feliciano, and Freddy Santos; and, a big thanks to Puoh Share See for his video work and editing. Music is the "Flamenco House Mix" by DJ Galanis. Additional sound and video editing by Coquichulo Images.


Puerto Rican poetic pride is celebrated in this work by Ricardo Muñiz. Come celebrate the real meaning of the "I CAN" in AMERICAN. Dance to the rhythm of the poem that plays across the luscious landscape of skin. Edited by Joe Kavitski. Music by Jose Henriquez. Originally published in NEXT Magazine and originally performed by Sery Colon at the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance (BAAD!).

The Art and Photography of Ricardo Muñiz

Video montage of Ricardo's artwork and photography.  Music courtesy of Nicky Alrica.


Artist Ricardo Muñiz paints and photographs Puerto Rican aspiring model, Jo'el Ramos, for a new video short and photo story.  Big thanks to Mike Lyons of Silver Models.


A story about a day in the life of aspiring fitness model, Omarius.

Produced and directed by Ricardo Muñiz. Featuring Omarius.  Edited by the late Ibrahim Gonzalez.  Shot on location throughout the Bronx and Upper Manhattan.

Monkey Bars

Sometimes big muscles just don't cut it on the playground. 

Story by Ricardo Muñiz.  Starring Omar Mohran and Gabrielle Gonzalez.  Featuring Danielle and Max Gonzalez, Anise Atwell Hudson, and Phoebe, Josiah, Micah and Beirne Freedman.  Edited by Joe Kavitski. Music courtesy of  With help from the parents: Nathalie, Rolando and Katherine.

Boyz Night Fashion Show Part II

Part 2 of the Boys Night Manhunt Fashion Show held April 18, 2011, at El Morocco Nightclub and Leopard Lounge.  Produced by Alberto Fermin and Albania Rosario.  Directed and edited by Coquichulo Images.  Hosted by Tyra.  Featuring the fashions of aussieBum, Manhunt, Nico & Adrian, Vizeau and Edwing D'Angelo.  Featuring Clarence, Victor, Mateo, Neftali, Enyel, Corona and Joe as models.  Makeup by Nathalie Ramos.

Coquichulo chulos para TMF

Sexy video asking viewers to vote on the next male model to appear in the Fall 2011 issue of TMF Mag in a spread shot by photographer, Ricardo Muniz. Voting is now closed.

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